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NC Consult and Services Pte Ltd strives to improve the non-destructive inspection and testing of reinforced concrete through incorporation of latest technology that contributes to superiority of products and quality delivery of our services, shaping the future of the civil engineering inspection industry.

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NC CONSULT & SERVICES PTE. LTD. is an engineering company focusing in concrete non-destructive test with the world renowned non-destructive technology of Swiss's Proceq product. We are seeking the best passionate team members to join our business.







Our Services

Technical testing and analysis services (including certification of products and services) with general building engineering design and consultancy services as the secondary activity.

Pull-Off Test

This test method is performed on the surface of a concrete repair or overlay material after the material has been applied to the prepared surface. When the test is performed on the surface of a concrete repair or overlay material, it determines the bond strength to the substrate or the tensile strength of either the overlay or substrate, whichever is weaker. The method of test is by direct dolly pull-off using a dolly bonded to the surface of the concrete repair or overlay material. The tensile load is applied to the dolly until it achieved the target tensile force.

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Cover Meter Test

This method describes the procedure for the determination of depth of concrete cover to steelreinforcement embedded in hardened concrete. This method may also be used to determine thelocation of the steel. Concrete cover toreinforcement is the last distance measured from the surfaceof the concrete member to the surface to the embedded reinforcing steel

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GPR Test

This method statement is to outline and describe the activities of Structural mapping of concrete by using Ground Penetration Radar System (GPRs) that will be carried out on Concrete structure chosen by Client/Consultant. GPR system is a non-destructive evaluation technique used to determine anything embedded within a concrete structure. This includes target location, measuring thickness of structural layers, and locating voids or fractures that area large enough to be identification and accurate measurement of its position and depth.

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UPE Test

The application of Ultrasonic Pulse Echo (UPE) is to diagnose the concrete structure. This testcan detect the flaws in concrete structure such as voids and delamination. Other than that, italso can detect the thickness of slab, tendon and pipein concrete structure.

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UPV Test

The ultrasonic Pulse Velocity test (UPV) is one of the popular methods which are used to obtain information about the interior of a concrete structure with two accessible surfaces (transducers). UPV is correlated to many desirable information pertaining to concrete, such as elastic modulus, strength, and uniformity of concrete. Also can give the information like layer thickness, cracking, honeycombing, and deterioration of concrete. The UPV measurements on concrete may reveal the above information if appropriate calibration charts are available. Figure -1 shows the PUNDIT 200 Ultrasonic instrument.

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Corrosion Potential Mapping

For corrosion analysis of rebar, Profometer Corrosion is used for on-site mapping of the corrosion potential (hotspot). The mapping of the electrical potential as measured on the surface of the concrete allows the detection of the spots with an increased likelihood of corrosion.

corrosion 2

corrosion 3

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Rebound Hammer (Harness) Test

Rebound Hammer test is a Non-destructive testing method of concrete which providea convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete. The extent of rebound, which is a measure of surface hardness isdesignated as Rebound Number (rebound index). A concrete with low strength and low stiffness will absorbmore energy to yield in a lower rebound value.

The rebound hammer test have the following objectives:

  1. To determine the compressive strength of theconcrete by relating the rebound indexand the compressive strength
  2. To assess the uniformity of the concrete
  3. To assess the quality of the concrete based on the standard specifications
  4. To relate one concrete element with other in terms of quality

OriginalSchmidt Live Applicatoin 02

OriginalSchmidt Live Application 01

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Geotechnical & Construction Monitoring

We also provide deformation of structure observation and monitoring services for construction which include the following:

  • Tilt Meter
  • Crack Meter
  • Settlement Marker
  • Prism Survey
  • Vibration Monitoring

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Building Defect Inspection

The purpose of the building defects inspection or construction defects survey is to provide an opinion on the defects of a building, advise on any urgent or future repairs and the likely consequences of non-repair of the defects.

The building defects survey and inspection will also assist the buyers/owners to have a good understanding on the defects of the building, as the building defects survey report provides information on building deficiencies, building hazards and performance, explaining the causes of building defects and recommending the appropriate and effective remedial works and necessary maintenance works to maintain the life of the property.


Scopes of Inspection

  1. Structural Works
  2. Architectural Works
  3. Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Works





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